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Ron Paul: Our Peaceful Revolution Will Make Bankers, Crony Capitalists and War Profiteers Suffer!

The young people are the change. They will be the revolutionaries of the next 10-30 years. I am encourage not because I agree with everything RP says but because so few young people are involved and these few seem enthusiastic. (E)

New Normal Terror Attack

Excellent article about conditioning by Tony Soldo at The People’s Voice .org (E)

Original: http://www.thepeoplesvoice.org/TPV3/Voices.php/2013/04/20/new-normal-terror-attack

April 20th, 2013

By Tony Soldo

One of the objectives of the false flag Boston Marathon bombing terror attack, was to create fear, confusion, anger, and hatred, in the subconscious minds of the masses, the millions of people who absorb and accept the “New Normal”, whenever the people in power implement a tactic or agenda


After the media saturates the minds of the masses, the government has a greater role in their lives to rule over them and control them.

The media conditioned the masses to cheer the police and soldiers after the suspect was caught, and the whole city of Boston came out of their houses, cheering the soldiers and police, waving their flags, and singing the national anthem


Now, anytime there is any kind of attack or even a suspected threat, the government can just lock down a whole city, send in the troops, stop and search anyone, go door to door, invading homes, forbidding Citizens to leave their houses, and businesses to close, etc…and the majority of people will not only allow this “New Normal”, they will cheer and sing while the oppressors are oppressing them.


The New Normal is a terror attack against the people, and the minds of the people.

Everything that happened after the False Flag Boston Bombing, was meant to create a new, expanded role of government and soldiers and police, on the streets of the USA.

They can violate the rule of law, the Bill of Rights, including the 4th Amendment, Posse Comitatus, Habeas Corpus, and the Miranda Act.

This False Flag attack will be used to expand the Police State, take away more of our fast evaporating freedom and liberties, but also they will use this crisis to pass laws and bills like the CISPA act, that allows the government to extract all personal information on anyone from any source, without a warrant, and pass tougher laws demanding deeper background checks, and create a grid where all of our personal information can be stored and shared by any and all law enforcement, instantly.

Look for these measures to be hidden in any new immigration reform bills (the terror suspects will be presented as an example for stronger background checks).

And also, this attack will give the politicians more “ammo” to pass more laws taking away the people’s right to keep weapons to defend themselves.

All major False Flag Events serve many purposes, and this one will serve at least three, creating the new normal in our society and nation.

1) Police State, with troops and cops patrolling the streets, searching people and homes, whenever there is any standoff (threats, or even bank robberies and other domestic crimes).

2) More information gathering, storing, and sharing, on all of us.

3) More laws limiting and restricting the people’s right to protect themselves with weapons.

Add to that two more aspects of the expanding Police State:

More cameras on the streets, and more public announcements encouraging people to spy on their neighbors and report suspicious behavior.

These new normal conditions would be impossible to implement all at once, but, when down incrementally, step by step, over time, they are almost impossible to stop.

The only hope is Citizen activism.

Start researching issues and topics like: state sponsored false flag terror, police state, martial law, war profiteering, corporate colonialism, and individual liberty, and human rights.

Then find alternative information and news sites that don’t play the left / right game, but rise above to show the big picture of how our individual freedoms and liberties are being stolen from us and the people in power are actively gaining more power and more wealth, everyday, and they will never stop on their own, like any addict, they can’t stop.

They are addicted to power and money, and they need intervention.

These power hungry people are operating in Washington DC, and on Wall Street, they are nothing more than businessmen and actors, playing a role, they are no better than you or I, and do not deserve our respect, allegiance, or obedience.

The most important thing you can do is start talking to everyone, your family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, and complete strangers.

Share with them some new information that you are discovering while searching alternative sites for truth hidden from us by the mainstream media and the government.

Stop getting your news from these two sources, (Mainstream Media, and Government), question everything you see and hear, use your critical thinking skills, and separate the truth from the lies, and encourage everyone around you to do the same.

Take all that you find, that is good and true, and move forward, leaving the bad, and the lies behind.




Tony Soldo is a Christian Pacifist Anarchist

It’s All Just Coincidental

I’ve been receiving Mark Sircus’ Newsletter for sometime now. Recently I wrote and got permission to add some of his articles here. He has some very insightful thoughts on a number of health related topics. Please check out his site and if you feel led purchase some of his materials. (E)

Read it on the IMVA site

It’s All Just Coincidental


On the 20th of January 2010, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration said there have been 36 confirmed reports of seizures this flu season in children ages 6 months through 2 years in the United States. The seizures occurred within one day after they were vaccinated with Fluzone, the only flu shot recommended in America for infants and very young children. Ten of the children were hospitalized. The vaccine’s manufacturer, Sanofi Pasteur, issued a statement emphasizing that no clear link has been established between the flu shot and the seizures and that the cases may be coincidental.
Only vaccine manufacturers have the gall to say something like that but they get away with it. We have been had on a grand scale by the pharmaceutical industry just as we have been had by medical officials around the globe who treat the rest of us like idiots every time they even open up their mouths about anything to do with vaccines.
Way back at the end of July of 2010 Mike Adams was shouting, “Vaccine pushers have always sworn their vaccines caused no seizures whatsoever. No neurological problems. No spontaneous abortions in pregnant women. No increased rates of autism. Vaccines are all perfectly safe, they say, and no children are ever harmed by them. That’s the mythology, at least, behind vaccines. But the reality is far different: Vaccines do cause seizures in children, and this year’s vaccines look like they’re going to cause a significantly higher rate of seizures than usual.”
And now we read in the papers that Adams was correct. Children have been hurt and it’s out in the papers for everyone to see. Governmental medical and health officials, the American Academy of Pediatricians, and doctors around the country only had to listen but this is too much for their minds to handle. They would rather inject than listen and that makes them awful doctors. They prove to be Neanderthals when it comes to listening to anything other than the propaganda and false hype that surrounds the world of childhood immunization. It does not take much intelligence to follow the herd in lockstep believing only what we are supposed to believe. We don’t expect religious leaders to listen to anything but their own religious doctrine and we shouldn’t expect anything better from orthodox baby doctors either. They are that dogmatic. They are that closed, blind and arrogant.
Most of us are too numb to feel much about these kids and their families and the hordes of autism and other developmentally-impaired children. We are too numb to feel for the homeless and the people we pass on the streets who have lost everything. We are also too numb about the constant wars and the absolutely retarded reasons for them. So we become so weak that most of us cannot even protect our children from medical terrorists who feel like all terrorists do—their cause is right; their reasoning is sound. So they stock their cabinets with chemically dangerous vaccines and charge right into herds of kids no matter what is reported, even in the mainstream press.
We have become cruel in our coldness and indifference. Life has conspired against us leaving us feeling helpless and defenseless. Some though fight with words and scream against the terrorism of the system and the people that run it. We point our fingers, but are we willing to fundamentally change ourselves? That’s really tough, as everyone knows —it has been said that it is easier to conquer the world than oneself. Certainly mainstream pediatricians find it easier to scare parents and attack babies than it is for them to listen to other doctors, medical researchers, chemists and even parents who are crying for the madness to stop.
It really is hard to buck the system so most people still allow their children to be vaccinated and then they cry later kicking themselves for allowing their children to be hurt. Heartless and spineless pediatricians continue their onslaught and drive home in their Mercedes. It really is no contest who is worse—the thieves on Wall Street who are destroying life as we know it or the pediatricians in their white coats who attack children with their arrogance. People are rallying against the banksters, but who is rallying directly against the field of pediatrics?
I saw a movie tonight that was the strangest I have ever seen. The main character lived a totally psychotic lie rather than facing his reality. Even with the help of psychiatrists who were really trying to help him, and even when he did see what he had done, he chose the lie even if it meant having a frontal lobotomy.
Orthodox card-carrying American Pediatric Association physicians are much the same. They refuse to look, they refuse to pay attention, they refuse to understand the hurt, damage and misery they are creating as they continue to attack children with their sometimes-deadly vaccines.
It takes extraordinary courage today to have children and to protect them from the harm that is intentionally directed at them. It takes courage to even read this book because one has to bear the pain of what is happening and what is being done to the children. One cannot talk about Humane Pediatrics without learning and studying inhumane pediatrics. It is really a very bad mirror on our humanity that we have allowed the worst kind of arrogance to take over the field of pediatrics and let them roam free amongst our children. Catholics have learned the hard way, having allowed way too many children to be sexually abused by celibate sexually-repressed priests. And the rest of us have allowed an exponentially greater number of children to be chemically abused by the “priests” we find everywhere in the field of pediatrics.
In the next week I will race like mad to finish my book Humane Pediatrics and I will pray that it gets into enough hands to make a difference. Pediatricians can learn from it and pediatrics can evolve into a form of medicine that cares more for the children than for the medical ideas born out of arrogance and pharmaceutical terrorism. I hope many will join with me in the fight to bring humaneness back to the medical treatment of our young.
Today is a sad day for parents because under the care of modern pediatrics, children have never been sicker emotionally, mentally and physically. Is there a humane pediatrician in the house?
People who are new to my work should not wait for the month it will take to actually get the book finished and formatted first into e-book form and then as quickly as possible into print. I suggest that parents and doctors read my important books: Sodium Bicarbonate, which is a full medical review as well as a cancer treatment book, Transdermal Magnesium Therapy (second edition due out in paperback in a few weeks), my book on Iodine as well as my book, Natural Allopathic Medicine. Each one contains information essential for the practice of Humane Pediatrics.
Mark Sircus Ac., OMD
Director International Medical Veritas Association

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Wikileaks Spreads The Love or In Government We Distrust-One Can Hope!

At the bottom of this story is a link to a mirror connector provided by Lew Rockwell‘s site. Please use it. It will use an available mirror site. Each time I have clicked on it I have been sent through a different mirror. If you have concerns about your government tracking where you link, and they likely are,  use a proxy. There are hundreds out there-just google it. (E)


Why I Love WikiLeaks

For restoring distrust in our most important institutions.

By Jack Shafer
Updated Tuesday, Nov. 30, 2010, at 5:48 PM ET
Julian Assange. Click image to expand.

Julian Assange

International scandals—such as the one precipitated by this week’s WikiLeaks cable dump—serve us by illustrating how our governments work. Better than any civics textbook, revisionist history, political speech, bumper sticker, or five-part investigative series, an international scandal unmasks presidents and kings, military commanders and buck privates, cabinet secretaries and diplomats, corporate leaders and bankers, and arms-makers and arms-merchants as the bunglers, liars, and double-dealers they are.

The recent WikiLeaks release, for example,shows the low regard U.S. secretaries of state hold for international treaties that bar spying at the United Nations. Both Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and her predecessor, Condoleezza Rice, systematically and serially violated those treaties to gain an incremental upper hand. And they did it in writing! That Clinton now decries Julian Assange’s truth-telling as an “attack” on America but excuses her cavalier approach to treaty violation tells you all you need to know about U.S. diplomacy.

As WikiLeaks proved last summer, the U.S. military lied about not keeping body counts in Iraq, even though the press asked for the information a million times. Indeed, the history of scandal in America is the history of institutions and individuals routinely surpassing our darkest assumptions of their perfidy.

Whenever scandal rears its head—Charles Rangel’s financial dealings, the subprime crash, the Valerie Plame affair, Jack Abramoff and Randy Cunningham‘s crimes, Bernie Kerik’s indiscretions, water-boarding, Ted Stevens’ convictions, the presidential pardon of Marc Rich, the guilty pleas of Webster Hubbell, the Monica Lewinsky thing, the Iran-contra scandal, the Iran-contra pardons, the savings-and-loan fiasco, BCCI, and so on—we’re hammered by how completely base and corrupt our government really is.*

We shouldn’t be surprised by the recurrence of scandals, but, of course, we always are. Why is that? Is it because when scandal rips up the turf, revealing the vile creepy-crawlies thrashing and scurrying about, we’re glad when authority intervenes to quickly tamp the grass back down and re-establish our pastoral innocence with bland assurances that the grubby malfeasants are mere outliers and one-offs who will be punished? Is it because our schooling has left us hopelessly naïve about how the world works? Or do we just fail to pay attention?

Information conduits like Julian Assange shock us out of that complacency. Oh, sure, he’s a pompous egomaniac sporting a series of bad haircuts and grandiose tendencies. And he often acts without completely thinking through every repercussion of his actions. But if you want to dismiss him just because he’s a seething jerk, there are about 2,000 journalists I’d like you to meet.

The idea of WikiLeaks is scarier than anything the organization has leaked or anything Assange has done because it restores our distrust in the institutions that control our lives. It reminds people that at any given time, a criminal dossier worth exposing is squirreled away in a database someplace in the Pentagon or at Foggy Bottom. Assange’s next stop appears to be Wall Street. According to the New York TimesDealBook, WikiLeaks has targeted Bank of America. Assange foreshadowed this scoop by tellingComputerworld in 2009 of the five gigabytes of data he’d acquired from a B of A executive’s hard drive; this month he toldForbes of an “ecosystem of corruption” he hopes to uncover. Today, he reiterated his intention to take on banks in an interview with Time.

As Assange navigates from military and diplomatic exposés to financial ones this year, his Wall Street targets won’t be able to shield their incompetence and misconduct with lip music about how he has damaged national security and violated the Espionage Act of 1917 and deserves capital punishment. But I’m sure they’ll invoke trade secrets, copyright, privacy, or whatever other legal window dressing they find convenient. Rather than defending their behavior, they’ll imitate Clinton and assail Assange’s methods and practices.

As the Economist put it yesterday, “secrecy is necessary for national security and effective diplomacy.” But it “is also inevitable that the prerogative of secrecy will be used to hide the misdeeds of the permanent state and its privileged agents.”

Assange and WikiLeaks, while not perfect, have punctured the prerogative of secrecy with their recent revelations. The untold story is that while doing the United States’ allies, adversaries, and enemies a favor with his leaks, he’s doing the United States the biggest favor by holding it accountable. As I.F. Stone put it, “All governments lie, but disaster lies in wait for countries whose officials smoke the same hashish they give out.”

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