Marijuana: It’s Time For A Conversation

This is your LAST CHANCE. After this, there is...

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We can continue to keep our heads “buried in the sand” or admit we have believed lies.

Educate yourselves about the truth. The truth is you have been mislead

I have gotten to the place where those who are unwilling to even look at the marijuana issue are barely worth the time of day. They have sold themselves to the Father of lies. But then that is true of most everything we have been taught to believe in this culture. Red pill or Blue Pill?



[Part 1 of 2]

[Part 2 of 2]


Did you catch that folks? The most dangerous thing about marijuana is getting arrested for it’s possession!

7 responses to “Marijuana: It’s Time For A Conversation

  • Follower of Christ

    We are commanded to be sober and vigilant.. I have not watched the videos – do you recommend the use of Marijuana?

    • ephraiyim

      As a believer, it is true that we are to be sober and vigilant. Cannabis used as a medicine is therefore fine for the believer just as a “little wine” was permissible for Timothy’s stomach problems. Using it to get high is not of interest to me personally.
      Now to the question of prohibition. As believers it is none of our business what unbelievers do. I believe that in the context of this nation we are ruining many people’s lives for a drug that is considered safe by most scientists who study it. There are no long term effects, it was 30yrs ago proven NOT to be a gateway drug and there is reliable evidence that legalization will cause no permanent increase in it’s usage.
      In other words, I take a hands off approach. If it causes no one else harm, and again there is reliable evidence that most harm from most drugs is in the prohibition which leads to an underground economy, which in turn, leads to criminal (theft etc.) behavior.
      Our society has payed an enormous price for the prohibition of drugs. Families are ruined, livelihoods are wrecked. the stigma that many, particularly in the African American community have to carry is huge, often for no more than mere possession.
      The United States has the highest number of prisoners of any nation in the entire world whether measured in total numbers or percentage of population. This includes China, Russia and other less than democratic nations. 65% are there for drug related offenses most of those for possession or some crime directly related to drug use.
      The cost to house these prisoners runs into the billions of dollars a year. That does not cover the cost of foster care for children whose parents are incarcerated, the loss of having nearly 8% of our citizens in prison is incalculable as to loss of productivity, creativity etc. It is time to put a stop to the madness. We spend billions of dollars a year on law enforcement that mostly arrests users or small time dealers. These resources are our money stolen from us for a fictional “war on drugs”.
      Don’t even get me going on how most of the Body of Christ is failing in this area. This should be an opportunity to reach out with the love of Christ to those who are lost and hurting. Instead, many of us advocate for tougher sentencing for people who are considered criminal only because politicians can use this as a another scare tactic to maintain power. Christians are always looking for another savior, in these past 30 or so years especially. Many look to politics to solve issues of sin and healing for them because they have bought the lie that society can do what only Jesus can. We have the solution, we just prefer to leave it to others.
      Sorry if I got to ranting there. I see this as an injustice and we are to seek justice for others. We are to show Mercy and walk in humility before Him. We are also to care for the poor and most of those incarcerated for drug offenses come from our poorest communities.

      • Follower of Christ

        Brother, thanks for clarification.
        I used to take cannabis daily as a lost soul, it made me a wreck, psychially, physically, socially…

        Sure, it takes away pain and so one, but it is scientifically proven that it does it already in so small amounts without getting a buzz..

        I have made the experience that the Holy Spirit is healing my illnesses.
        Btw, Timothy’s wine was not fermented wine.

        I concur that the US system should give more mercy on small cannabis dealers/users (lesser jail time/punishment), but
        1) it IS a crime
        2) Romans 13
        3) if the people wouldnt abandon God, there would be much less cannabis ABUSE

        I think, that this is the true root of evil in this country. Cannabis abuse is “just” a
        YHWH bless!

  • alan ellis

    Marijuana does have long term effects just like any other drug, legal or otherwise. It is probably much safer than dealing with alcohol and if most police officers had a choice between dealing with a drunk or someone high on marijuana, they would choose the person high on marijuana. But, anything that alters the mind is a substance to be avoided and it will cause long term effects later if it is abused. The bible says to do all things in moderation, including eating.

    • ephraiyim

      I think you need to catch up. The latest research actually indicates that even someone who has smoked Cannabis heavily for years have no noticeable long term mental effects. IQ tests show no difference after 24-36 hrs. The studies you are quoting come from research done by funding provided by pharmaceutical companies whose products kill aprox 60000 people per year. No one has ever died of a Cannabis overdose NO ONE EVER
      There are long term effects on the lungs, as would be expected. Those are easily dealt with by using a Voporizer.
      The thing is Cannabis has been shown to cure or alleviate many disease processes. Please research this. For Cancer victims it is life or death. For others it is a life of disability or a normal life. This is not about anything other than a way for the US and State governments to make money by putting more poor and minorities in prison.
      This country has more people in prison than Russia, China or any other nation on earth and over 50% are there for non-violent crimes. Most of those for minor possession.
      This is not about people’s heath. This is about Cops and Judges and Congressmen and Prison Owners and States and the FBI and DEA all stealing money period. They do no care about your safety. If it came down to protecting your life or their bank account they’ll even pull the trigger themselves if they can be sure they can cover up the evidence and there are no witnesses.

  • Not So Common Sense

    Thank you for posting. I was wondering what your thoughts are on the following?

    To quote: “Biblical scholars will note that Jesus never baptized anyone nor did he tell his disciples to. He specifically told them to “anoint” people. That anointing took place using a specific formula made from a recipe found in the Old Testament book of Exodus. That recipe (Exodus 30:23) includes about 6 pounds of “kaneh-bosen” (cannabis)… anointing the sick and “possessed” and healing them takes on a new context. Most of the diseases mentioned as being healed miraculously after anointing are, curiously, the same things often prescribed or being investigated as things that cannabis can heal today. Things like epilepsy, leprosy, and “crooked limbs” (a possible reference to multiple sclerosis).”

    • ephraiyim

      I tend to agree that the oil used in Genesis was probably made with Cannabis. Whether Jesus told the disiples to anoint people with it I am less sure of. It would have been very difficult to obtain since it was made by the priests and once the Temple was destroyed in 70 CE/AD it is debatable whether anyone would have had access.
      I also read some of the other related links (and was already familiar with much of it) and would not be surprised that many early believers might have used it. I think smoking it is problematic as it could cause as much damage as good but certainly using oils, vaporizers etc and smoking if that is all that is available for healing and relief should be available.
      From the Libertarian view there is no argument that anyone should be allowed to use whatever they wish so long as they cause no harm to others.

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