What I Believe and What This Blog is About

I call myself Ephraiyim. there are several reasons for this that I may go into at a later time. My life is a walk with Messiah Yahusha. I am trying to grow in my relationship with Him each day. My wife and I began this journey 7 or 8 years ago. Walking with Messiah is different than when we walked with Jesus. For one thing it is more about trying to live in an Hebraic fashion that looks at life very unlike the view of most westerners.

It is seeing life as Yahshua and His disciples would have seen it. Rather than a belief it is about lifestyle. Belief, in western thought usually ends up being more like an opinion. Most opinions do not require one to make a lot of changes. If I am of the opinion that eating a lot of garlic is good it really does not put much of a demand on anyone else. Well they might avoid close quarters with me, but otherwise…

Someone asked once whether I thought Christians were pagans. My answer was, and still is, that Christianity has a large amount of practices that are pagan in origin. Most Christians are, at least tacitly aware of this. Really though most people agree that actions define people, at least to some extent. For instance if one goes out and commits a crime, though nowadays just about anything is a crime, one is considered a criminal. Or if one rides a bicycle, one is then considered a bicyclist. If one blogs, one is defined as a blogger.

So what defines a pagan? That is what we began to question and decided to begin to see whether there were ways that are clearly defined in scripture that we should walk. Those that do not have definite scriptural backing we decided to try to stay away from. Difficult at times, especially in a society so inundated with western traditions that run counter to those at times.

This blog is about world view. How you see the world will determine your actions. I hope to challenge how you see things. Things are not as we have been led to believe. They are not even how they appear to be. I do not claim to know what is true. I can only share the information with you. It is up to you to decide with Yahoveh’s help what is true and how you should respond.

You will notice that I have links to some Christian sites. I believe that Yahoveh is still working within the churches and will continue to do so for a season. I link to these because I believe they have a revelation of something we all need. IHOP, for instance, has a revelation of the Bride of Messiah as well as an understanding of intercession that is greatly needed.

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