I have come to believe that Yehovah wants us to be utterly, hopelessly dependent upon His grace and mercy. It is in this, it seems, that He can more fully use us.
He likes us out of his way so He can work through us.
Hebrews states this when the Holy Spirit writes that, ” those who have ceased from the works of their own hands have entered His rest”.

The Sons are Free

I’m not a fan of writings that for the most part seem assembled from the quotations of scholars, historians and theologians, weaving them together like some great tapestry of spiritual enlightenment. To me, such writing seems oddly disconnected from the soul of the author, which leaves me cold. I’d so much rather read a personal testimony from the author’s own life experience. What was your condition, how did the Son intervene, how were you healed or blessed and what did you learn? That’s what I want to know, for no derivative of commentary ever touched my heart like the open, honest and vulnerable testimony of a brother or sister in the Son.

knockoutAnd yet, it is a daily devotional-commentary I receive by email that has had me on the receiving end of the Lord’s chastisement several times these last 2 weeks. Whoever is in charge of publishing devotionals by an author who died in 1971, has obviously been spying on me and selecting…

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