This Is America? Men Tortured in Solitary for Having the Wrong Tattoo or Political Books

I will continue to post these types of articles until true justice for the men and women being oppressed by the judicial system is given. Which in many cases would mean immediate release from prison with compensation for their pain and suffering. For those who were wrongly convicted even more so! (E)

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AlterNet             /               ByCharlotte Silver

The only evidence needed to get someone thrown in solitary is a tattoo, letter, photo or piece of political material.
November 6, 2013  |

Ronnie Dewberry is 54 years old. For more than half of his life he has spent 23 hours of every day in an 8-by-10-foot cell, furnished with a concrete bed, stool, and desk that protrude from the concrete walls. There is no window or any source of natural light at all; the perforations on the door allow Dewberry to peer out into a concrete hallway. Dewberry does not speak to or see anyone, save for the three brief moments each day when a guard delivers his meals through a slot in the door.

But his cell is not a quiet place; at night, guards noisily stamp prison mail, rattle their keys and chains, and periodically and purposely wake Dewberry.

A few days…

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