Black Men bound for Prison?

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Black Men bound for Prison?

Today people of color continue to be disproportionately incarcerated, policed, and sentenced to death at significantly higher rates than their white counterparts. I just read an article on statements made from our current Attorney General, Eric Holder, regarding black men in prison. Before you get all into the article I just wanted to point out a quick fact; According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, 1 out of 3 black men can expect to end up in jail, at one point in their life. Attorney General Eric Holder expressed his “concern” this past Thursday evening that black men are UNFAIRLY served with longer prison sentences than white men, meaning a white man and a black man may commit the same crime, but the black man gets the longer prison sentence. Now you may have noticed I put quotations around the word concern, but that is only because I have a…

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