Opportunity Begins With Freedom, Not a ‘Living Wage’

Excellent article as to why with the way the Central Banking system works a minimum wage is a moot argument (E)

Thursday, April 11, 2013 by Staff Report – http://www.thedailybell.com

In favour of the living wage … In the United States and some other developed economies, wages for the least well paid are too low. A mandatory living wage is the best way to redress this injustice. The idea of minimum wages is well accepted, but the American $7.25 an hour does not meet the simple standard of providing enough to support the worker who earns it. For an adult in New York State, self-support requires 55 percent more, $11.25 an hour in a full-time job, according to The MIT Living Wage Calculator. And a just minimum should really be enough to raise a family – something closer to the $23.58 an hour required to support a single wage-earner with one child. The minimum wage is one part of the remarkably complex pay system found in all developed industrial societies. – Reuters

Dominant Social Theme: What the Western world needs is a fair minimum wage.

Free-Market Analysis: This Reuters editorial brings up two points and provides us with two separate conclusions.

Theoretically, we are much averse to the argument that government needs to provide minimum wages. But practically speaking, if government is going to provide money to impoverished people, why not print the money and give it to them directly – instead of sending the money to banking coffers?

So the confusion embodied by this article is compounded by a lack of honesty about the monetary system itself. This article wants to treat our current situation as if the West’s problem is one mainly of governmental fairness. Here’s more:

Economists often suggest that wages are determined by market forces, the supply and demand for labour, and by employers’ calculations of the value of labour. But actual wages influence both the market and the perceived value of labour. It is more accurate to include market forces and economic value somewhere in the middle of the long list of factors which contribute to the ever-shifting social agreement on pay levels.

This agreement is established in the mysterious way that all social orders are built – the powerful push, the weak resist, traditions are followed and evolve, justice is respected and flouted, market forces and economic calculations nudge. By far the most important factor in determining pay is the social judgment of value. The main reason that bankers, advertising executives and doctors are paid more than teachers, childcare workers and street cleaners is that society values the former more than the latter.

And the main reason that the minimum-wage jobs pay too little to support a family is that society has agreed that is what such labour is worth. This is an injustice, because honest labour should always be rewarded with enough to live a decent life. To be fair, the social judgment of these occupations is less harsh than the pay level suggests.

The very poorly paid usually receive welfare benefits from the government, either in cash or in the form of free or cut-price services. It is an awkward arrangement, but unavoidable in societies which have decided that pay should be determined by the job but spending power should be determined, at least in part, by needs and family situation. That division will exist as long as family breadwinners do not receive special pay status.

The macroeconomic objections to higher minimum wages deserve serious attention, but they often hide higher earners’ justified fear of losing out. After all, when those at the bottom end up with more – as they inevitably would with a higher minimum wage, even after benefit cuts – those at the top must end up with less. Doctors would still have much higher incomes than cleaners, but both the doctors’ own pay and the ratio of their pay to cleaners’ remuneration would fall. The desire to maintain consumption and social status is legitimate, but must be set against a higher virtue – solidarity. The fruits of economic success should be shared equitably. A living wage for all is a good standard of success.

You see the argument being made? It is especially clear in this last paragraph. Providing people with a living wage is a “higher virtue.”

But this article in reality has nothing to do with virtue. If it was virtuous, it would tell the truth about how money is produced in the modern era, with a touch of a button. During the height of the financial crisis, Ben Bernanke of the Federal Reserve admits to generating some US$16 trillion in short-term loans to financial enterprises – much of which reportedly was never paid back.

Such spending makes arguments like this one moot. These are 20th century arguments, in fact, based on a time when people did not fully understand the monetary system. Perhaps one could say they are arguments from the 1800s when there was a gold standard and money was truly constrained.

But today these are arguments without a purpose. Were there sufficient determination, proponents of these sorts of solutions would start to argue that central banks ought to print money and deliver it directly to people instead of banks.

Of course, most of the people making these arguments are statists with an emotional or professional stake in concealing the way money is really produced in the modern era. And they would rather write these sorts of articles, apparently, then tell the truth about money and poverty in the 21st century.

From our standpoint, an even better solution to poverty would be to shut down central banks and let Leviathan begin to starve. Without an unlimited supply of money, the US in particular would have to shutter its military-industrial complex, the vast prison gulags that dot the country and the larger regulatory state that deprives people of the opportunity to work.

There are estimates that between 50 million and 100 million in the US who want to work cannot find employment. Something has gone drastically wrong with what we call regulatory democracy;  it simply doesn’t work. It’s reached a dead end.

Agitating that this sort of dysfunctional system should prop itself up by providing tens of millions with a living wage is not a solution but a kind of bribe. The idea apparently is to pay people a bare minimum in the hopes that they don’t rise up in protest against a system that is frozen in failure.

What the West and the United States really need is a long, loud discussion about statism, the incompetence of regulation and the abysmal failure of the current money system.

Conclusion: Opportunity begins with freedom.

7 responses to “Opportunity Begins With Freedom, Not a ‘Living Wage’

  • Pete


    When we announce that today is the day that everybody goes to the store and gets what they want without money, as long as we all agree to go back to work tommorow to restock the stores, everything continues as today, except that the one percent now get to join us in the fields or factories, at least those that don’t get chased down the street with pitchforks,….

    Maybe Anonymous can make this happen??

    • ephraiyim

      What to do with those who refuse to work?
      What do you do with those unable to work?
      Who will run the stores, eg stock the shelves etc if everyone is working in the fields and factories?
      Who will do all the other tasks that are needed to keep the lights on the fuel, whatever type it may be flowing etc.
      Who will build the roads, maintain the infrastructure?
      What if someone wants to be a scientist or a Doctor or an engineer. Do they get any more benefits.
      If not I can tell you I had several conversations with a Cardiologist from China 20 years ago. He made no more than a janitor and was here because a hospital administrator got better bennies. He was going to school for that as they had none there at the time.
      Now this man had gone to school for 12 years after high school and still made the same as a janitor. We need janitors but I am not sure there are many people who would spend that many years in extra schooling, not to mention the extra responsibility for lives without some incentive to do so.
      I just don’t know how you avoid classes.
      Years ago when I was unskilled labor working in a metal shop the guy that could run and set up a metal lathe made a lot more money than the welder and the welder quite a bit more than I. They had developed skills over years and DESERVED more remuneration for that.
      Whatever form it may take one would expect that those who are more skilled would receive more.
      The only place I ever saw this differently was a church we once attended with about 3000 people. All staff made the same base salary. The only differences were if you had more children you got more. If you had special needs particular to the job like books for the pastors or travel expenses for conferences one made more.
      Technically then, and this was the case, qa janitor who had been there for 12 years and had 5 children made quite a bit more than an associate pastor who had no children and was new. But again, because the pastors had need for study materials they had a budget for books. If they had to travel for church business to a conference their expenses were paid.

      • Pete

        Ahh,….ye of little faith,….are you an anarchist, or not,….??

        Did you read, and understand fully, what I stated??

        (Those that refuse to work will be ostracised, not as retribution, but as shameful, and not worthy of the benefits of freedom,…)

        Your statements belie your valuations of people, you would willingly starve those that don’t jump through your hoops. ‘Either tote this barge, and lift that bale, or starve you lazy fuck!!’ 0.o

        So, I ask, what of those that refuse to work today, of those not physically fit to work,….did they work today??,….are the stores full of crap,….??,…..these people are inconsequential to the actual production of what we need today to both feed the world and entertain them fully,….they are not needed to continue the standard of living we currently enjoy. Freeing us from ‘economic forces’ allows those that weren’t fully productive yesterday to volunteer where they are needed, in the amounts they are capable of, and contribute to the whole,…it allows us to stop putting money in the banksters pockets, to stop contributing our labors to our enslavement,….

        They will be needed to ramp up production for those that now can have things that they only dreamed of before,…they will be offered a chance to become productive members of the society around them,…to help build bass boats and big screen tvs for the added demand of those that are working today, but denied the ‘luxuries’.

        Any system that leaves money, and wage slavery, in place is doomed to repeat what we have demonstrated does not adequately serve our needs, ie, the system today,….

        Did you ‘deserve’ more than your equals in the eyes of god, or only in the eyes of the system fed to you by man,…?? And not just men, but those that go to bohemian grove and worship molech,…that enjoy seeing starving ‘useless eaters’, those that state publicly that they pray to ‘god’ that they be reincarnated as a deadly virus so that they can do some ‘good’ in the world,…

        Those that excede the norm in production will be hailed as heroes, we will build statues and parks with their names,….

        You have not fully escaped the mind warp that the Rockerfeller controled miseducation system has fed you as reality,….most of the things you hold as self evident are only remnants of the brain washing that quietly sitting still in ‘class´ has given you as education,….

        What happened to the old and infirm in all tribal societies?? They were cared for as founts of wisdom,….not tossed under the train of forced production,….

        Money is the chain they keep us on,…the only escape is it’s abolition,….

      • ephraiyim

        You ask if I am an anarchist or not. I guess my question is whether what you are describing is anarchy. Or maybe it is just another form. My view of anarchy, and this goes to my question about those who prefered not to work, is that folks choose what works for them.
        So when asking that question I was not so much asking about lazy people as those who just would prefer to go off and do what they want to take care of themselves and their families and be left alone. If they decided they wanted something from someone else they would come up with some sort of barter that both parties agreed to for those items.
        In other words if they wanted to go off somewhere into the wilderness of Montana or whatever and homestead would that be allowed or would everyone be assigned to something by some committee. The only reason I ask is that the society you are talking about sounds very controlled and that is what I am moving against.
        I do grant that I do not have all the particulars worked out in my mind but the brain doesn’t work as well as it once did as I have fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome which are essentially the same with the exception of the pain that comes with the fibro. This condition has caused difficulty with keeping my thoughts consistent. I often have to rewrite sentences two or 3 times as they turn out incoherent. I do attempt and am trying to determine how exactly to fit my evolving philosophical beliefs with my relationship with Yahoveh. There is a lot of mixed up crap in the christian system and my messianic friends aren’t much better.
        I believe Yeshua was an anarchist in the same way I am sensing I should go. That being that until His Kingdom come I will serve no man so much as is possible. Until then I will serve my King but He cares little for the squabbles of the governmental systems of this world since His Kingdom,for now, is not of this world.
        Perhaps to you that makes me a hypocrite. I can live with that since I live in two distinct worlds. Both are very real to me and, actually, in many ways The Kingdom, over the years, has become more and more real than this world. So I can handle whatever label that may be placed upon me by someone on this side as He has and continues to make it clearer and clearer what He thinks about me. And that is VERY GOOD!

      • Pete

        Ah, Ephraiyim, it is a pleasure to find a seeker,….
        Yes, the folks can go primitive if that is their desire.
        Anarchists will not hire police to make them comply, neither will we force you to give to them anything that you don´t willingly give, if that means you want to trade, feel free.
        If there is a chronic shortage of food unusual measures may be necessary to overcome our inablity to produce in excess of our needs, but even small gardens and farms produce more than they need to eat plentifully and small factories will give us most of our consumer goods.
        A large percentage of the people, potentially in excess of the folks that don´t work today, will not be required to produce the food we need to feed everybody. We feed most everybody today, and absent the premiums we pay to use the rothschild´s money we will have an excess of everything tomorrow.
        We only have to rearrange the management of our production to suit the many and not the few.

        I wonder if you are contaminated with aluminum, aluminum poisoning often gives symptoms similar to what you describe.
        Have you used anti-perspirants containing aluminum or aluminum cookware??
        I would also look to aspartame damage. Have you consumed an excess of diet products?

  • ephraiyim

    Thanks for the reply.
    As for the health we do use aluminum cookware but cannot afford at this time to replace it. I try to only use deodorant once or twice a week if we are leaving the house.
    Since I am mostly homebound I do not use it unless going somewhere.
    I quit the aspartame a few months ago as well as the splenda. Now using stevia in coffee.
    Only sugar occasionally as I am diabetic.
    Off all insulin since one year ago and 130# weight loss in about 16 months. Getting there-still have about 100 pounds to lose to get to weight before basic training in ’76 as a dumb 17 year old. I was a patriot and wanted to serve my country.
    Now I openly tell any young person who I find are thinking of joining the truth. Usually unsolicited. Don’t often get a positive response.
    So many brainwashed just like I was. Difference is that when I was in there was no war and we spent much of our time getting loaded even on duty.
    Post Vietnam.

    • Pete

      Calben soap has a deodorant that is $16 dollars, but I’ve been using mine for two years and can hardly tell it from new. It’s powerful enough for 24 hours and consists of salt. They have real soap, too.

      If you have a scientology church near you they have a two to three week program of vitamins and sweat that might help get the aluminum out. Good luck affording it unless you can get a waiver to pay.

      If you search maybe google anaylitics(try startpage,com, the results you get in the states will be different because of court cases and such.) will let you have an online copy. If it won’t let me know and maybe I can find a copy for you. It looks like good science, but I’ve never really done the program.

      If you want to get ahead with gen y you gotta lead from the front, they will follow the revolution when the grownups lead them to it.

      Did you get a copy of the press release??

      Anonymous Press Release

      Listen up Mr. and Ms. Earth, and all the kids at play!!
      On the first of the month we will hold an exercise in freedom.
      Everybody,….yes,…..EVERYBODY,….YES,…YOU, too!!
      Especially those that are currently disfavored by the system.
      You see them, they are drunk, dirty, hairy, clothed in rags, having only the thoughts in their heads and the life in their hearts.
      Let them go first to the stores and receive food and clothing.
      Workers at the store, let them have what they want and duly annotate it in your logs so that more can be ordered to replace what we have given our less fortunate brothers and sisters. Do not ask them to pay. Money is the metal used to make the chains that enslave us. Stop giving your support to the system that has only rewarded you with less freedom, to the system that guarantees that you will never be president, you will never be governor of your state, you will never have a butler, you will never be CEO of a major corporation, you will never be a Wall Street Bankster, you will never own a Bugatti, you will never ride a rocketship to the moon, you will never drink Chateaux d’ Rothschild ’73 with your truffles, you will only waste your life away in trade for bits of paper that can never be equal in value to the life that you have given for the things you can buy in the stores at prices set by the system that guarantees you a negative return on your investment.
      On the second day let all go to the store to get their daily bread. No need to push or shove, we have plenty. The workers have provided adequately for us all.
      On the third day let us give thanks that now we only have to go to the store and get what we need without paying a premium to the royal courts and their central banksters. Let us go to the doctors without fear of losing our homes. Let us get our medications without taking bread from our own mouths. Let us separate out the doctors and dentists who only took up that line of work for the money, let them be replaced by the people that do the work because it causes them pleasure to help their fellow human beings.
      Let us enjoy the productivity of our fellow human beings without sacrificing the larger portion of the fruits of our labor to the goldbugs.
      Let us look to giving fame to those that produce in excess of the norm for it is they that make this paradise possible.
      On the fourth day let’s make sure that the distribution lines are running smoothly.
      Workers do your work!! You will soon be relieved of your overburdened drudgery, if not your toil, for work is needed, but the slavery wrought by the banksters is not,…We have to produce the goods, we don’t have to slave 60 hours a week to support princely lifestyles for those that don’t help us, those that take more in a day than we get in our lifetimes, those that spend more on fences than three generations of our family will ever be given in trade for their life’s production. Every store is overflowing with goods, your work put them there, let’s keep it that way so that all may live without fear of want.
      On the fifth day let’s look to what is being done to organize the work that needs done. Have the websites been set up for every little berg to have a central place to find work?? Have the offices opened where we can see what help is needed, and where, so that we may go there and give help to others?? Want to hitch a ride on a freighter and work your way around the world?? Want to change jobs?? Look to see what is being asked that you have the skills to do. Look for the schools that will give you new skills.
      What research is being done to find new ways of powering our work??
      Wouldn’t want to ruin paradise now that we just got control of it back from those that once controlled the information, the very thoughts, allowed into our minds.
      They haven’t needed to burn the books; they’ve just trained you not to read them.
      This path to freedom was first demonstrated in France in the late 19th century by a Russian prince that denounced his family for having life messed up, for living from the misery of others. Your ‘educators’ kinda glossed over that fact in junior high, huh?? Wasn’t in any of my history books. Memorizing The Conquest of Bread was not required for the final tests. Kropotkin’s name has not been made a household name, but we all know who Madonna is, don’t we??
      On the sixth day let’s examine what has happened to those that were profiting by our miseries. Have they locked themselves away in their gated communities, are they hiding in their underground bunkers??
      Have they released the mouse pox??
      Let them walk free in the world just as we do. Let them join us in the production of the goods. Do not become them by seeking retribution. They lived by stealing our lives, we are not made better by stealing theirs.
      On the seventh day let us rejoice in our new freedoms. Let us sing songs of the return to an earthly paradise.
      On the eighth day let’s look to our neighbors and help them in any way we can. House need painted??,…paint it! Need a house??,…build it!
      On the ninth day let those of us that want to catch a ride to the moon start looking for the schools needed to train astronauts. Do you have this information?? Share it freely with your fellow human beings.
      Let’s set our eyes on the stars now that we work for all of us, and not the one percent!! We can build a series of warehouses each farther out than the next, with this relay system we can reach for the planets and then the stars.
      This announcement is the fork in the road to your emancipation.
      Will you chose the safety of slavery, or the exhilarations of the unknown,….of freedom??
      Have you the courage to take the path less traveled??
      Have you the vision to see that central ‘authorities’ can only bring evil by enslaving all and enriching the few??
      Will you leave to your children a world free of poverty, free of work shortened lives, a world where all are truly brothers and sisters??
      Anonymous can help organize this short walk to a new world, but it is up to each of us to make the steps in the right direction. Anonymous cannot carry you, you will have to walk.
      If you will take back your support from the political parties that have led you into this slavery you may use your votes to vote for freedom instead, we CAN walk into this world on the first of the month. We need only your agreement that it is better to live without using dollars to separate us into haves and have nots. That it is better to help our fellow beings than to ‘profit’ from their poverty. That it is better to help voluntarily produce and distribute consumer goods so that all may share in the wealth, not just those with the monopoly power to create ‘money’ from nothing, and the thugs and dupes that keep them in power.
      Join us in this brave new world shorn of capitalism, banksterism, jails, mandatory ‘educations’, prisons, armies, police, psychiatrists and their drugs, or any other criminals that once used violence and deception to control us.
      All we have to fear is fear it’s self,…

      Please feel free to edit, fold, spindle, or mutilate this statement into whatever form suits your tastes,…I only ask that you help the candle shine,…


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