Are Prisons Obsolete?

Many of my readers will dismiss this out of hand because the author is Angela Davis. That, I believe, would be a mistake. The fact that one may not agree with many of Davis’ views is in no way a judgement on everything she may express. The view that prisons need to be dealt with and, hopefully, eventually, completely destroyed is an idea well worth consideration. There might be some extremely rare, and I do mean EXTREMELY rare, circumstances where individuals need to be isolated from the majority of society.

Even then those individuals must be treated with respect and decency. They need to have living facilities where they can receive fresh air, good food and comfortable housing. We must switch to a view of attempting to help and restore them rather than penalize them while at the same time seeing to it that their victims are properly remunerated for any losses both emotional as well as actual. (E)

2 responses to “Are Prisons Obsolete?

  • MisBehaved Woman

    Prisons should be obsolete but unfortunately, I think mankind is still too spiritually…blind? stunted? for such an idea to take hold anytime soon. Mention prison abolition on random forums and see how quickly you get hung-up, strung-up and dismissed as a ‘lefty Utopian dreamer’….people can’t even seem to open their minds enough to contemplate, much less begin to implement, the concept of a restorative justice system.

    America would do well to start by at least looking at Norway’s system and considering the idea that maybe they are on the right track but again, I don’t see it happening anytime soon because if we were to pattern our system after theirs, too many profits would be lost and the corpo-legislative Powers That Be are not going to allow that.

  • Pete

    Amerikans don’t get educated in the social revoltion, of which prison ablolition is but an aspect of the whole, an incidental benefit, ask anyone about the revolution and they will think 1776, while the world is seeing many more,….ask me and I say Ricardo Flores Magon, or Nestor Makhnov, but then I’m just an old hobo, I’m not that current,…I can’t even name the chinese tank man???

    Thank you state run education!!!!

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