Wake up Folks

Don’t you Dare come back here saying we need to make laws against Muslims. I will defend anyone  of any religion to practice it in any way they see fit no matter what I know is true. There is no basis whatsoever for restricting them under law.                                                                                                              

There are many factors that have brought this about, all of them are on our shoulders, if you are a believer. To begin with, we are greedy and materialistic. We build multi-million dollar edifices that we call churches in order to entertain and caress our flesh when the cities and people around us are barely subsisting.

Our homes are full of things we do not need and only rarely use. Cars that are over the top and while we claim we have faith our wives take birth control pills so we can maintain our comforts and pleasures without any unexpected surprises. We are hypocrites.

You can get mad all you want but the Word says that Yahweh opens and closes the womb. Yahweh provides for our needs. He commands us to help the poor, to care for the orphans and widows, the sick and infirm. We tell them to have faith or we send them to Social Services and Social Security.

Look, I know I’m rambling here. My sentences are incoherent and not well structured but come on, we got a big problem here brothers and sisters. I know the world is going to wind down. I also know I don’t want to stand before Y’hshua and have him say I was partly to blame for not doing all I could to speak out about what I see.

Muslims live among the poor. They help them. They help the sick and care for the widows and orphans and we wonder why they are growing. Why, for instance, are many African-Americans so attracted to them.  Anyway…Watch the video:



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