The Bible speaks of a war in the heaven’s, have NASA found the proof?



The Book of Revelation, which opens with the words, “The revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave him to show to his servants what must soon take place”, includes in those events a War in Heaven:

1. War has been occurring between ET factions here in our solar system for centuries.
2. That war recently escalated into a solar system wide conflict with the losers coming to earth.
3. The winners of that solar system war are still out there.
4. Earth is the only place we have yet to find CS crater chains.
5. We are being lied to and the biggest cover up in mankind’s history is being perpetrated against us.
6. The entire race of mankind is at stake.

Now war arose in heaven, Michael and his angels fighting against the dragon; and the dragon and his angels fought, but they were defeated and there was no longer any place for them in heaven. And the great dragon was thrown down, that ancient serpent, who is called the Devil and Satan, the deceiver of the whole world – he was thrown down to the earth, and his angels were thrown down with him. Wikipedia

All the images you will see below are official NASA images

What we do know as fact, NASA do not always tell the whole story!

Some people reading this post will claim that the crater chains below have been explained by the Shoemaker Levy theory (shown below) or these crater chains are caused by electric arcing, I will later explain this is not the case. What I am suggesting is, these crater chains where caused by weapons in what The Bible describes as a “War in The Heaven’s”.

Click on image to enlarge

Here NASA’S MESSENGER has captured a wonderful scenario of events, if you look at the bottom right hand of the photo you will see a line of craters and then a huge blast crater at the end of the line of craters. Was this weapon fire and then a direct hit? It looks that way!

NASA quote: During its flyby of Mercury on Jan. 14, 2008, NASA’s MESSENGER spacecraft acquired high-resolution images of the planet’s surface. This image shows a previously unseen crater with distinctive bright rays of ejected material extending outward from the crater’s center. A chain of craters nearby is also visible. Studying impact craters provides insight into the history and composition of Mercury as well as dynamical processes that occurred throughout our solar system.Interesting, click here

NASA’s explanation is here

What could cause images such as these above? Most people think these craters are the result of comets or meteors crashing into a planet, what odds of them impacting in a straight line like the one below?
And if these craters where the result of comets why is there no evidence of the comet? These craters have no debris?
The size of these things are enormous, this one is over 100 km long!

This image taken by the Voyager spacecraft of an unnamed crater chain is one of the longest of 12 or so such chains on Callisto, one of Jupiter’s 4 planet-sized satellites. It is 360 kilometers long and the largest individual crater is approximately 24 kilometers across. Jay Melosh and Paul Schenk, reporting in the October 21, 1993, issue of Nature, propose that these and similar mysterious crater chains on Ganymede and Callisto

Davy’s Chain

Explanation? So even today a few lunar scientists think that a line of simultaneously erupting volcanoes is the best interpretation. But there are no other volcanic features nearby. More “HERE”

OK. Before we go any further let me introduce you to the Comet Shoemaker Levy theory, the theory that NASA and most experts claim caused these crater chains above, If you watch the video below you will see a line of comets smash into Jupiter. As you can clearly see, broken comets would land hundreds, if not thousands of km apart! And not in straight lines as you see below! And absolutely “NO WAY” could these craters be joined together

the Shoemaker Levy theory (shown below)


The Electric Arc Theory

The electric arc in space has never been witnessed or proven, an electric arc in a vacuum has been achieved in a laboratory test but on a tiny scale

The Cunningham / Smart Theorem
It took intelligence to make these O’s all in alignment, equally sized, equally
spaced, and intentionally nonrandom.
this also took intelligence to make,
Credit: The Galileo Project, NASA This photo is a real puzzler for all scientists.
Over 50 strikes in a line. Spaced shoulder to shoulder evenly. The Catina being the
newest feature in the photo by general consensus.
More here at Crater Chain Research
The planet Mars appears to have far more crater chains than any where else in our solar system that has been explored to date. Although maybe Phobos may have the most compared to surface area that we are aware of. Because of the erosion factors on Mars we are led to believe that many crater chains have been erased. Yet, there remains so many that we feel that this is where a great battle may have taken place.

In the above photo you can clearly see many of the CS type crater chains with the characteristics we think show obvious intelligence as to cause. Of note are the three and possibly four time frames of occurrence. The predominant CS chain near the center running lower left to upper right appears to be the cleanest and so is probably the newest. Notice the CS chains just above and left of the dominant one. Now they appear to have been covered by dust debris, or possibly silt flow, and that gives us three time frames. Chain, material deposit, then another chain. There is a possible fourth time frame if after closer examination the mound at center right proves true, which seems to have been strafed very heavily to be perfectly blunt many times. If Mars had even a tenth of our water there would have been enough to cause these wash areas we see if larger single strike weapons were used. War is a terrible thought and every person that has been in combat knows this very personally, so look closely, and look hard, prove us wrong.
With the above comments we think the lower picture speaks for itself. And sadly enough, there are more areas showing these CS type crater chains on Mars.

Crater Chain Research

Huge Unknown Dark Craft on Mercury?

NASA explanation Pictured above on the lower right, a large crater — about 100 kilometers across — has unusual dark material of unknown composition near its center. The material’s darkness does not appear to be caused by shadows, as the Sun was near zenith when the image was taken. More “HERE”
Well was this a huge ship shot down in one of these battles?

Visit The Big Wobble Website HERE! It’s still under construction but well worth a look


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