Muslims Are Not The Enemy!

I am so tired of people, especially supposed believers in Yahshua, saying that all muslims are our enemies. Look folks Messiah came for everyone. We need to accept that  He came for them as much as us. They are not all terrorists. as a matter of fact only a tiny portion are involved in terrorism. Although the American governments’ actions against innocents in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen and who knows where else is contributing to the recruiting efforts of the few.

That is not terrorism though. That is defending your homeland and people. Open your eyes people. You are being duped. While the elitists continue to enslave you they keep you focused on a contrived enemy. One day you will wake up and realize who the real enemies are. But IT WILL BE TOO LATE…

For more information on who the real terrorists are listen and watch to some of William Cooper’s audio on this blog as well as Dr. Bill Deagle’s videos



4 responses to “Muslims Are Not The Enemy!

  • rich05

    recently a muslim group in iraq said it is ok to murder christian, it is senctioned in the koran, what would u say to that,

    they are terrorist right, so why are the majority muslim ulema who are not terrorist as they claim, refute this , and say koran does not support murderiung christain

    if they had done so maybe the non muslim will start beleiving them and start support legitamate muslim rights

    hope u answer this


    • ephraiyim

      rick05-The fact that muslims think it is OK to murder what they refer to as infidels does not mean that all muslims believe or support it. There are a lot of videos on the web besides the one I put up where muslims renounce such acts. A spirit of murder which says it is alright to murder those who believe differently than us pervades this world.
      In India you have Muslims and Hindus murdering Christians but you also have Christians doing the same to them. In China communists, (which is a religion), murder Buddhists. In America we have evangelicals calling the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq (and who knows how many other undisclosed places) Holy wars. That is blasphemy. YHWH never said we should go kill innocent women and children. America is not ancient Israel in Canaan.
      Yahshua said that we are to love our neighbor as ourself. That we will be judged in the same measure that we have judged. People need Yahshua not democracy. It is not our place to force anything on anyone. War is a tool of the enemy and America


      become a great satan in the sense that we follow his orders more than the orders of our Creator.
      Read your history about American influence and oppression in the middle east. Much of what has happened in the past 20 or so years with terrorism from radicalized muslims is nothing but blowback from our policies in their countries including assassinating their leaders and replacing them with our own puppets. Using our military to back oil companies stealing from the people of those nations
      The Creator, through Yahshua, provided for us to give hope and love to people. We are not called to slaughter but to love.
      BTW, I suspect most muslims don’t really know the Koran any more than the average Christian really knows their scriptures. So them using the Koran to refute what the terrorists say would be like an average christian trying to argue against atheism. They just don’t know their stuff well enough to do so.

  • rich05


    i agree to what u say about an average person, but an average person in any religion hardly know what goes around, and even if he does he has no control over it

    my point was when anything happen agaionst muslim people come on the street and target ordinary minorities in their countries eg in iraq wher 60 christian were killed recently or pakistn wher christian are killed just bec USA bombed afganistn ect as if it is that poor christian faults, he suffers as much as another ordinary mulsim in pakistn
    tpo make matter worse the govt will not act agaisnt the muslim, and this what the non muslim see and think why should we give muslim any rights when they do not give other the same right in their country

    so they start think of muslims as enemy, its not that a muslim has hurt them personaly, infact many have very good relation with any muslim they are in contact with at work place or in the neighbourhood ect

    my vies is when something like this happenn the prescher should come out and protest for spoiling the name of islam ect, the same way they come out when some insulting cartoons ect are printed,

    when this happen non muslim will respect muslim more and will understand humanity is more imp then religion

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