Prosecution of Planned Parenthood OKed



Charlie Butts – OneNewsNow – 10/20/2010 4:05:00 AM

Planned ParenthoodThe Kansas Supreme court is allowing a 107-count indictment against Planned Parenthood of Kansas and Mid-Missouri to go forward.


It is a criminal case that began two district attorneys ago, the latter one being forced to resign amid a sex and abortion corruption scandal. Operation Rescue president Troy Newman is pleased with the final decision, but points out it has been six years since the investigation that led to the charges against the taxpayer-supported abortion provider.

“We’re hoping that once and for all, the respectability façade that Planned Parenthood has enjoyed over the years will be stripped from them and that they will be prosecuted for their crimes,” says the pro-life leader.

Troy NewmanNewman says the charges are extremely serious. “The files that the district attorney obtained contained [records on] many underage women, some as young as 14 years old, who were getting abortions and even illegal late-term abortions in the state that did not allow them,” he explains. “And then, Planned Parenthood attempted to cover it up by falsifying the records.”

Operation Rescue is calling on the Johnson County district attorney to prosecute the case to the fullest. Operation Rescue, says Newman, will accept nothing less.

Anything less, he adds, “will only reinforce the belief that political corruption is alive and well in the State of Kansas.”


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