Head Shot: The Science Behind the JFK Assassination

Prometheus Books

Head Shot: The Science Behind the JFK Assassination

By G. Paul Chambers, PhD

Head Shot presents a unique and fascinating correlation of history and science with the government’s investigation of the assassination of President Kennedy. Warren Commission critics may disagree with the specifics of Paul Chambers’s reconstruction of this tragic event, but everyone who rejects the ‘sole assassin – single bullet theory’ will better understand why JFK’s murder was a conspiracy involving multiple shooters after reading this intellectually stimulating and highly erudite book.”

~ Cyril H. Wecht, MD, JD, past president, American Academy of Forensic Sciences and past president, American College of Legal Medicine

“In Head Shot, G. Paul Chambers offers an original and scientifically credible account of the JFK assassination. He presents new material proving the existence of more than one assassin. It is an important contribution to the continuing controversy over this important event in American history.”

~ Michael L. Kurtz, professor of history (ret.), Southeastern Louisiana University

“Neither Russell nor Johnson believed a single bullet could account for all seven of the nonfatal wounds of President Kennedy and Governor Connally – the crucial conclusion at the heart of the Commission’s report:
‘Well, I don’t believe it,’ said Russell.
‘I don’t either,’ Johnson replied.”

~ David R. Wrone, The Zapruder Film, citing tape transcripts from the Lyndon B. Johnson Library in Austin, Texas, of a conversation between President Johnson and Senator Richard Russell Jr., a member of the Warren Commission

After more than four decades and scores of books, documentaries, and films on the subject, what more can be said about the assassination of President John F. Kennedy? A great deal, according to physicist and ballistics expert Dr. G. Paul Chambers.

In this provocative, rigorously researched book, Chambers presents evidence and compelling arguments that will make you rethink the entire sequence of terrible events on that traumatic day in Dallas.

Drawing on his fifteen years experience as an experimental physicist for the US Navy, Chambers demonstrates that the commonly accepted view of the assassination is fundamentally flawed from a scientific perspective. The physics behind lone-gunmen theories is not only wrong, says Chambers, but frankly impossible.

Chambers devotes separate chapters to the Warren Commission, challenges to the single-bullet theory, the witnesses, how science arrives at the truth, the medical and acoustic evidence, the Zapruder film, and convincing evidence for at least a second rifleman in Dealey Plaza.

Headshot is the first book to:

  • identify the second murder weapon;
  • prove the locations of the assassins;
  • demonstrate multiple shooters with scientific certainty.

Chambers concludes with a persuasive chapter on why this horrible event, now almost half a century old, should still matter to us today.

For anyone seeking a fresh understanding of the JFK assassination, Headshot is an indispensable book.

October 15, 2010

G. Paul Chambers, PhD (La Plata, MD), is a contractor with the NASA Goddard Optics Branch and with Bellatrix, Inc. Formerly, he worked as the supervisory research physicist for the Energetic Materials and Detonation Science Department of the Naval Surface Warfare Center in Maryland and as a research physicist with the Condensed Matter and Radiation Sciences Division of the Naval Research Laboratory in Washington, DC.



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