Obama Reveals He Is In Bed With Big Pharma

Christohper C. Barr
September 10, 2010

Recently, an e-mail from the President of the United States which addressed this author as ‘C. –‘ in a most familiar fashion with a “commit to vote” message also included the following:

“We’ve fought for and won historic reforms to our health care system, a victory 100 years in the making …”

The only “historic” health care reform dating back 100 years ago is ‘The Flexner Report‘.

I was somewhat surprised that the Flexner Report was known by President Obama — or at least by whoever writes for him.

Abraham Flexner was commissioned (financed) by Andrew Carnegie and the American Medical Association to assess health care in America.  This resulted in ‘The Flexner Report’ of 1910.

This report advocated that the Germanic system of hospital and drug based medicine should be the focus of American health care, and that government and academia should partner together to accomplish this end — which is exactly what happened very quickly.

The report was a foregone conclusion from its commissioning with deeply entrenched biases.

Abraham Flexner was a university educator — and also an old crony, or more accurately flunky (or stooge) of John D. Rockefeller, Sr.  There were not a whole lot of cars in the marketplace to accommodate the vast reservoirs of Rockefeller’s oil in 1910.  However, drugs and patent medicines made (and still make) extensive use of that oil.

Flexner was also the son of German immigrants and was well traveled in — and favorable to — Europe and its ways.

The American Medical Association and Andrew Carnegie (buddy to Rockefeller) were paying for this report so the conclusions would accordingly be favorable to their interests in drug based medical practice.

Flexner decried any mode of healing not drug based as without value and fraudulent.

It did not take long for almost anything not medical to be driven from the marketplace with the driving force of government and select academic institutions behind the Flexner report.

Flexner also regaled against all educational institutions in the state of Tennessee but noted that in the interest of having at least one such institution approved in every state that Vanderbilt University should be given assistance to come up to standards.  This resulted in huge financial subsidies being granted to that school.  Of course, no mention was made that the chancellor of Vanderbilt was the next door neighbor as well as hunting and fishing buddy of Abraham Flexner.

The conflicts of interest between pharmaceutical interests and government receiving growing attention in recent years is actually the root foundation of modern medical practice in America.

The past decade or so has also seen growing interest in non-medical approaches to health care resulting in slight but growing weakness in the near total monopoly propped up by government of medical practice in America.

Many in recent years have told me that it must be exciting for me to see this growing interest in real health care from nutrition, herbs, and other non-medical treatments as opposed to the usual and predominant sick care of modern mediSin.

They are always surprised that I am not so excited.

The primary reason people have been moving away from modern mediSin is due primarily to the out of control, runaway increased costs of medical practices.  It is not due primarily to enlightenment.

Annual increases in drug costs are routinely more than twice the rate of inflation — often much more than twice the rate of inflation.  That means that the exceedingly profitable drug industry annually increases its excessively profits far in excess of increasing costs.

It is often stated that drugs are so expensive because the research is so expensive.  It is not also stated that this research is largely subsidized by the government.  Remember always that government money is largely taken from its people.

Simply put, the people’s pockets are largely picked to subsidize medical research, and then the people aditionally pay through the nose for the drugs that they have substantially financed by way of their picked pockets.

The more you learn about medical practice the more you learn how much of a con it is.  The pervasive con is rooted in the cronyism of the Flexner Report and its heavily conflicted interests backed substantially by the power of a heavily conflicted government.

There are exceedingly more pharmaceutical lobbyists on Capitol hill than there are members of Congress in both houses combined.  No other interest has even a one-to-one ratio of lobbyists to congressional members.  Pharmaceutical lobbyists outnumber congressmen by more than a two-to-one ratio.  The two main political parties both receive their donations (payoffs) almost equally.  A slight advantage will always be found to whichever party is currently in power.

This journalist wrote for more than a year before passage of the Obama health scam bill that the pharmaceutical industry would receive the greatest benefit from its passage.  It was only after its eventual passage that Associated Propogandaess (AP) reported its surprised finding that the pharmaceutical industry would receive the greatest benefit from the bill.

The Flexner Report sought to bring every American into compliance with hospital and drug based medicine for health care.  It very nearly but not quite accomplished that end.  After almost 100 years just a slight but slowly increasing pulling away from that end has been met at the 100th anniversary of the Flexner Report by the Obama health scam bill that requires every American to participate if not in practice then at least financially every year above and beyond that by which their pockets have been consistently picked these past 100 years.

A chilling truth is evidenced by the recent writing of words attributed to the president, “We’ve fought for and won historic reforms to our health care system, a victory 100 years in the making”.

Obama knows it, too.


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