Ask the Experts?

I understand that Dr. Oz has been receiving criticism for including “unproven” views on health. The Medical community in the US has become almost dictatorial at times in their insistence that only they understand the “mysteries” of health care. Some physicians have even denied side effects of medicines and vaccines despite the fact that the manufacturers put them in their literature.

Years ago Dr.s were, unfortunately, thought of in almost god-like terms. Today more and more people are realizing that they are responsible for their own health care. The idea promoted by american medicine is often that people are too stupid to understand science.

They have become like most of the priests of pagan religions who spent a good deal of their time trying to convince their followers that only the select few can truly understand the mysteries of their religion.

Unfortunately, our educational system has, mostly, produced people with lazy minds who want to be coddled and entertained. Very few people think for themselves. Most believe what the experts tell them.

This is a fascist/socialist mind control system of society that was developed in this country as early as the 1840’s. Most people prior to that were self taught. These people often studied many fields and were what we now term as Renaissance men. Though the actual Renaissance was somewhat earlier the term is essentially one used for those who have unquenchable curiosity about life and how it all works .

The idea that people need to be controlled and managed is one that elitists propagate.  The revolutions of america and france frightened elitists who saw the idea of Natural Rights as one that had to be mitigated. The way to do it was through education that trained people to think they way the elitists wanted them to.

Essential to this is to strip as much curiosity from children as possible and keep them looking at all the bright, shiny, objects placed around them to distract them from asking important questions about life and how it works. The way this was to happen was to elevate certain types of people as experts who could, it was taught, be depended upon to tell us what we “need to know”.

Whether those experts are pastors or priests, doctors or generals, teachers or politicians, the people are taught to eat the regurgitated slop that is given to them. They think they are being fed good things and do not realize that it is just vomit.

This is a planned result. Those in power do not want people to think lest they become unmanageable. So they drug us , hypnotize us and bllsht us because they know we will acquiesce to whatever they say. The public education system was designed to produce fodder for their wars and workers for their factories.

Even with the change to an information based society, most of the information produced is of little help unless one knows how to hear from the Ruah (Spirit) of YHWH. The eklesia (assembly of believers) is , often,  just as bad as the world in believing whatever they are told. Many believers are merely depending on their pastors or leaders to tell them how to think.

This is not the way of Elohim (G-d). He expects each one of us to know Him and His ways. We are not to depend on some pastor or rabbi to tell us how to live. We are to be in relationship with Him ourselves.

Stop being fooled by the man behind the curtain. He is a person just like you. He is just as imperfect as you. He has knowledge which (may) be useful but you are still responsible for your own journey home. If you are a believer, you already have all you need to get there.

Yahshua said that The Ruah will teach us all that we need to know. If He dwells in you you have all you need if you will but ask. Information from others is, sometimes useful, but it is in that relationship with Daddy through His Ruah that we learn to walk the walk of Life.


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