Lessons in humility.

The freedom to choose has been The Almighty’s way of dealing with Man from the beginning. When we support aggression against people for their free will choices, apart from those choices that aggress against another, we take on a role that even The Creator Himself, usually, at this time, does not. That is not to say that people do not reap what they sow, only that that is a matter between them and The Creator.

There are no reasons to have any but an extremely minimalist government. The role of  governments, if any, should be to secure the freedoms of individuals to live as they choose so long as it does not infringe on the rights of another.

As believers, we are to be a light to the world. Too often, it seems, we seem to have helped spread more darkness than light through our tacit agreements with government aggressions against our own citizens as well as those of other nations.

Declaring war on anything that causes a problem, whether terrorists or drug addicts, is a violation of the command to love those who hate us and bless those who despitefully use us. If aggression is called for, then we should deal with the individuals who cause direct harm to others rather than every person who might be associated with them.

Criticism that Christians are militant is, often, correct. Unfortunately, it is, usually, not a militancy for The Messiah and His Kingdom, but rather, a militancy for political power. This will, inevitably, lead to greater aggression against citizens through laws that further subject the individual to increasing government tyranny.

The truth is that most of us are selfish. Most of us have no problem giving to our church or some ministry, but will pass by the poor, the homeless, the dirty with more than a little disdain for them. We judge that if they would just live right, well, then they would not be in their current position. We, above all else, do not want to get “involved” with them. Even these assumptions are correct we are in sin.

What is our sin you may ask. The pride of life. We pretentiously believe that what we have done has anything to do with our station in life. Sorry folks, that is the height of self righteousness. We are nothing and have nothing apart from His goodness and Grace toward us. We DO NOT and CAN NOT deserve anything.

This is THE first element of a life in Him. Our acknowledgment that we are the greatest of sinners. That we, I, crucified The Messiah. Me. No one else is more responsible for His death than I am. No one else is more responsible for His death than YOU. Without that realization, it is impossible to come into relationship with Him.

It is the desperate awareness of our complete and total insufficiency that brings us to the foot of that tree. Sin is the blackest of black. It does not matter how many sins we have committed. We were born sinners. The vilest of all sinners is no worse than the “sweetest” little girl or boy. At the foot of That tree we are all sin. We all nailed Him to it. That must be a personal revelation. Frankly, apart from it I seriously doubt whether anyone can be born again.

An exchange MUST take place. He takes my sin, I receive, by grace, His righteousness. The result is an abiding awareness that those who are worse off than I need Him. The only way they can find Him is through love. His Love expressed through me. You see, it His kindness, His LOVE, that leads us to repentance.

Forced submission is no submission at all. We expect that by being tougher on those who violate moral standards that we hold we will, somehow, convince them to change. While it is true when individuals have directly harmed someone else this may (may) be effective, it is just as true that when arbitrary laws where no one is directly harmed are enacted and enforced it often breeds greater contempt.

This is why few people incarcerated for drug offenses ever reform. Why? They know that they were not causing direct harm to anyone. Unless they were selling to minors or sold goods that were substandard or somehow tainted, everyone who bought from them was making a free choice to do so. It is, strictly, a contract between two adults. It has nothing to do with anyone else.

The violence that occurs within those groups of people who are involved with the sale, purchase, and use of drugs is, mostly, a result of the criminality of those activities. How many deaths occurred in even the past decade as a result of illegal alcohol or cigarette sales? I doubt that such statistics are even kept, though some bureaucrat in government might do it to justify his continued employment.

I suspect that if there have been deaths that it is likely a result of government agents interfering in what ought to be free commerce between individuals. But, of course, government must have it’s cut even if it costs the life of a citizen or 2 now and then.

And that brings us to the terrorists. Have you noticed that our “liberation” of Iraq and Afghanistan has resulted in an increase in radical Islam? If not, you just haven’t been paying attention. Fact, you agress against people’s homes and families. You ruin their nation and their future generations with depleted uranium and they get upset. Hmmm.

We could argue all day about whether we needed to attack all of Afghanistan for the acts of, at most, a handful of radicals. The fact is that we did not go after Osama bin Laden. This is established fact and can easily be researched on the web. We knew where he was and did not go after him. We attacked , mostly, innocent civilians and continue to do so. Why, because we could. Might makes right.

They will do things our way or else. Many of us, including myself, supported this initially because, stupidly, we believed our leaders. They lied. Governments are prone to lies, it is the nature of those in power to do whatever is necessary to remain in power. I am not talking the fluctuations between  parties. They are the same coin. Heads or tails, tyranny is tyranny in either of their hands.

Here’s something to think about. According to scripture no man is my enemy. Muslims are not the enemy. Our battle is not against flesh and blood but against principalities, and powers and the rulers of darkness in this age. They control the terrorists as much as they control that neighbor who mocks you for being a Christian

That is why believers must stand for what is right no matter what. What is right is not necessarily what will keep “our side” in power. We have a responsibility to stand against tyranny no matter where it comes from or whom. To be light. To say that is wrong. To proclaim mercy and The Love of Messiah to a lost world.  Truth of scripture and His Kingdom are our weapons. This is where we so miserably failed.

The previous administration committed crimes against humanity, and most “Christians” supported it. They knowingly used weapons with depleted uranium, that’s radiation folks, against foreign nations. That violates the Geneva Conventions, no matter how it is twisted. The way we have treated prisoners is also a violation which the lawyers, (liars is more like it), again twist. Now Obama is continuing to follow the same course and has actually ramped up the wars by sending 30,000 more troops.

We wonder why our economy is tanking, (it is, by the way, no matter what “they” tell us). Why in The Gulf do we have potentially one of the worst ecological and economic disasters that this nation has ever faced. Well, remember reaping what we sow? We better change our attitude. It is not the unbelievers at fault here. Pagans do what pagans do. The question is what will the people who say that they are YHWH’s do.

WE must turn from our wicked ways and quit worrying about what those outside of the camp are doing. Daddy is going to judge this nation by our attitudes. Have we cared for the poor, the widows, the orphans as He commands in scripture?

Have you, personally, visited those in prison or invited someone homeless to stay in your home? Or taken someone less fortunate to lunch, not McDonalds but where you would want to be taken if you were in their position. I suspect most of us don’t even go around people “like that”. You know, Yahshua was known as a friend of sinners, the harlots, the drunkards…Are you?

Oh, this thought occurs to me. What if they take advantage of me? What if they harm me? Well, you and I take advantage of Yahshua every time we commit a sin. It is as though we crucify Him all over again. Spect that hurts Him huh?

He who has judged without mercy will himself be judged without mercy.


One response to “Lessons in humility.

  • Larry Who

    “Declaring war on anything that causes a problem, whether terrorists or drug addicts, is a violation of the command to love those who hate us and bless those who despitefully use us…”

    Interesting statement, but can you back this up with scripture, knowing that our God is a God who never changes? Thus, you should have to use Genesis to Revelation, but since we’re friends, just use the New Testament, okay?

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