How do we treat our neighbor?

So, people tell me all the time that legalizing drugs would be disastrous. That we would have a horrible mess on our hands trying to deal with all the “new” addicts. Well, Portugal has done it and it has turned out very different than predicted by the nay sayers. Maybe it’s time to think about this again.

By the way, as believers are we supposed to be about encouraging government to enforce our morals on others? I don’t see it in the scriptures. We are supposed to be loving people and helping them. How do we justify most of what American evangelicals support through government enforcement of laws which incarcerate over 700 of every 100,000 of our citizens.

That is higher than any other nation on earth. Something is wrong in America and I fear that we as believers are culpable for our unscriptural views of how government is supposed to work.

Thanks to Scott Ritsema over at Civics News. It is awesome to see that other believers are wanting to walk in freedom and lead others to freedom as well. We must walk it if others are to see it.


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