So I get this e-mail from a good friend who says, “You are one of the realist people I have ever met. I very rarely hear a false or fake word from your mouth.  I can’t tell you how much it soothes my soul to hear genuine honesty from you when we talk.  So much of life is charades and mirrors.  Take a moment and define humility for the congregation.  Send it out.  It will be good, I know. Love you.”

That get’s me to thinking -How does one define humility?

I mean, if one begins to believe that one understands humility…isn’t that a bit prideful?

Or is it?

What is pride anyway?

I’ve certainly had it defined to me a few times…as in, “you are just prideful”.

Usually those were times when I was trying to share something that I felt YHWH (God) had shown me.

The times I have actually had the Ruah ha Quodesh (Holy Spirit) convict me of the sin of pride it has been much different.

If you know Ruah, you know that when Daddy uses The Ruah He is usually very gentle. He has a way of revealing heart issues that  puts you in this place of absolute undeniability. You can’t deny it, even if you want too. It becomes that clear.

So, back to pride. What is it and how does one recognize it?

Well, as far as I can tell, pride is believing we know more that YHWH. Just that simple.

How does that parse itself out in life?

YHWH makes a lot of clear statements in His word about what is best for us. How much do we line up with those?

I mean all of them. Not just the commands, although those are certainly important. So often we get caught up in what YHWH says we are to do as well as the not to do’s. But what about His proclamations over us?

You realize that He loves you. I don’t mean the Yeah well He’s God so He has to love you. I mean HE LOVES YOU. Personally looks at you, in all your mess, and we all got messes and thinks OH! I love you so much.

He is enthralled with you. YOU! when you take even the briefest moment to glance His way-His heart flutters with excitement. Did you realize He thinks that way about you?

You are carved in the palm of His hand. He is continually watching over your life and is dancing in ecstasy over every move you make. He is so much in love with you just as any excited Bridegroom is over his bride.

He believes in your perfection. You do realize, so far as He is concerned you are perfect right? You are His Bride!

You are perfect.

You are perfect!

Here, let me say it differently, We are the Righteousness of YHWH in Messiah Yahshua.

He made you perfect by His sacrifice. It is a done deal.

OK, sure you are growing, learning how that all works itself out in the day to day, but the day to day doesn’t change it.

We stumble, we fail, but He doesn’t. We learn to obey because of this great Love. Obey out of fear and you miss the whole point.

I started out to define humility. Well here it is. Humility is the knowledge that you are loved with an everlasting love that will not fail. Knowledge without action is useless, so it is living as a lover of the one who loves you that is true humility.

We said that Pride is believing we know more than YHWH. Where do you stand? Do you believe the things He says about you?

If not, ask His help. Asking for help is a first step toward humility. He understands how hard it is for us. He wants you to experience His love. so I ask for Him to encounter your heart with His lovers heart for you. Blessings.


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